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Climate Change

Organizations are looking inward at their carbon footprint and how they tie directly to climate change around the world Organizations are pledging various green standards and clean energy commitments, the focus on climate change has made it even more apparent that taking a stand on this issue will become more pressing as targets contiue to rise. 

Board and Executive Diversity 

One of the most important trends in the ESG space right now is looking at an organization’s diversity on its executive teams and their corporate hierarchy. 

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Worker Safety and Human Capital Management

There is immense investor pressure, an SEC proposal, and growing shareholder interest to monitor and affect the lives of workers as an ESG strategy. Look for companies to begin following employee turnover, recruitment costs, employee engagement survey responses, and training and development more and more throughout the upcoming years.

Supply Chain Pressures

With the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have undergone enormous pressure around supply chains and how dependent on foreign countries they are.  One of the growing trends around ESG and supply chains is an emphasis on due diligence and making sure supply chains do not harbor risk to small businesses or the labor force that creates it.

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We offer full end to end ESG Strategy that Encompases a full solutiuon that helps with automating your reporting while collecting the nessacary information fro the different frameworks.

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Surefile offers a robust ESG Strategy that guides customers through the journey.  Our team will work through the entire process with you. Identify the frameworks for your orginzation, complete the materiality assessment, identify KPI’s , answer questions, collect data points,  and finally disclosure your sustainabilty report.

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